Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Lunch

We were invited over to some friend's house for lunch after church on Sunday. They invited several couples over and it seemed like it would be fun for the kids to play and for me to get to know some of the moms better. Craig doesn't like people; he has his friend and he's all set.

Late Saturday night it occurred to me that while we have spent a lot of time working on manners with our children, they still are really picky about what they eat. We were going into a situation where I didn't know the people very well, I didn't know what was being served, and I wasn't bringing anything, so . . . basically, I had no control. My children could scream and refuse to eat and say it was gross . . . we should just stay home.

On the way to church, we had a quick review in the car about how to politely decline something and reminders to behave well.

They were fantastic. The hostess had multiple dishes served buffet, so we could choose only what we thought they'd each eat. Kate scarfed down her noodles and meatballs (which were fantastic and I need to ask for the recipe) and Sam charged around the house with a foam sword and guffawed with his friends (6-year-olds have a strange sense of humor) . . .oh. and ate some ham, I think. And there was cake.

I'm glad there were lots of kids there, that she served buffet style, and that my kids ate. A good combo of situation and training. I'm glad we went.

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  1. "Craig doesn't like people; he has his friend and he's all set."...Funny and typical guy! Well, Matt and I like Craig; but we'll deny any friendship publicly if it makes him feel better...or maybe just don't tell him.