Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Mantra

They say it every night, regardless of what we're serving (I mean, as long as it's not kids' choice): "I don't like that."

Right now we have a deal with Sam: if he eats every night this week, we'll get him a DS. We were talking about getting it for him anyway, for our trip to PA later this month, so I don't know what we'll do if he doesn't eat; but so far just a reminder of what he can earn is enough to get him to stop protesting and eat.

In the few months since I started this blog, feeding Sam has become slightly easier and feeding Kate has become significantly more difficult. Sometimes I think she isn't needing as much food as she used to. More often I think that she's so busy exercising her will, pushing us whenever she gets a chance, that she can't stop even if she is hungry at dinner. Typically, if we get a bite in her mouth (especially meat; she's very resistant to meat but when she gets a taste, she gobbles it) she'll finish. So stop fighting us already.

I am finidng it easier to stay firm and insist they eat what's served. I don't cave as easily as I used to, offering cereal or something. My mantra can stand up to theirs: This is what we're having. Eat.


  1. Way to stick to your guns! :)

    and I am hearing Kate say to me "I don't like that. Take it out!" (about my nose stud)

  2. I got so tired of hearing the negative comments after the standard, "What's for dinner?"; my standard reply became, "Dog Kibble". I know you don't have a dog but you could tell them that I gave you some and answer, "Mrs. Saunders' Dog Kibble". They will be pleasantly surprised when they actually sit down to supper....OK, not really. It was just my way of exasperating them as much as they were me.