Sunday, April 18, 2010

He did it!

Yep, he did. Sam completed the "Sam dinner Challenge - Dinner and a DS" and got his DS. We went for the DS lite as the only real difference (that we could tell) was that the DSi had a camera and music capabilities and the lite didn't. He was a little overwhelmed at the game choices but finally chose a game about Bowser.

I do have a picture but can't find the camera right now so when I do, I'll update the post. What, you think I'm going to stop watching Celebrity Apprentice to find it? I already looked in the regular places and can't summon energy to look more.

**update on Monday:

(I do not know what it up with that shirt he's wearing; it always looks blotchy.)

Oh, and this morning, Kate asked for her own challenge. So Sam made her a chart. She said, "It's not for a DS, because that's too hard for me."

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  1. Oh Kate....hahaha! She cracks me up!!

    Way to go, Sam!!

    And totally crazy season of CA! I haven't watched the latest episode yet but good season!