Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adventures in Rice Krispy Treating

Last week I made two batches of Rice Krispy Treats (RKT). The first I used for this:

This is "April Fool's Sushi." I found the idea in an old issue of Parents magazine and thought it would be funny to try since Craig likes sushi. There are several things I would do differently if I did this again, not the least of which would be to know the difference between fruit leather and fruit roll-ups.

I tried to find a link for the directions but couldn't; it's pretty easy. Make a small batch of RKT (I actually had too much) and put in a small-ish dish (they say shape into 12x5 rectangle). Arrange dried fruit (they were specific as far as apricots & some others; I got a bag of mixed dried fruit) down the middle. Roll this up and pinch together (I had way too much RKT and even with squeezing it forcefully it was still pretty big and not as trompe l'oeil as I thought it would be). Then wrap in grape fruit leather and slice.

This last step will be annoying if you get blue/purple swirl fruit roll-ups and try to use the mainly purple parts and small people are opening packages and consuming this magnificent treat they have not before encountered.

As I was doing this, I thought, wouldn't it be funny to use those ubiquitous plastic eggs to make egg-shaped treats for the cousin egg hunt on Saturday? So a few days later, the second batch was used for that.

You think it's easy to make RKT. I certainly do. And to add color - just remember to do it when the butter/marshmallows are liquidy, before adding the cereal. But, my "helper" (Kate) had a potty "emergency" (meaning, she just had to go and insisted loudly that I help her) just at the crucial moment (meaning, just when the marshmallows were melted).

So she's in the bathroom yelling, "I need help! Help me go potty!" and I was yelling back, "I can't! This is the important part! Do it yourself!" and my melted butter started smelling.

Which, I learned a few days later from here, is why they were really, really dry/crunchy. (I haven't read that blog much, but if you scroll down, she explains that you have to pull the stuff you're melting before it gets browned, which is exactly the mistake I made. I found this link from Amanda, who was doing some fancy things with RKT herself.

Anyway. Kate pottied herself, and I divided my melty stuff and got food coloring in it, but was hugely distracted.

My concentration broken, I made several mistakes:
  1. I threw the cereal in the blue bowl before the food coloring. This made them splotchy.
  2. I made a green batch and didn't want green.
  3. I wanted pale, pastel-y colors and only had primary color food coloring. This means I had pale primary colors and should get some pastel food coloring.
  4. I boiled 2 dozen white eggs to color with the kids and forgot to take them to Maine. That means I (currently) have three dozen hard-boiled eggs in my fridge, one dyed and two just there. I was going to use them for deviled eggs on Saturday but (as mentioned) didn't have them. (OK, that has nothing to do with this, but the pot of eggs is on the stove in that picture so I thought I'd mention it).

Here is my little helper, out of the bathroom and with washed hands, helping.

And here's the finished product:

We ate them, and they tasted good if a little crunchy. I thought maybe I had packed it too tightly into the eggs and that's what was wrong, but next time I'll keep my wits about me and not brown my butter/marshmallow mixture. Sam loved these and Kate, as with all things normal, did not.

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