Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Way-Back Disclaimer

What I say about BJU was true at the time I was there, or true from my perspective. I hear there are big changes going on, like, no hose all the time, or unchaperoned dating, or students allowed on facebook. These are all clearly heretical to the way I experienced BJ. I'm pretty appalled,when I decide to expend emotion on it, and angry, too, about the angst and drama I went through with things that would be changed 10 or 15 years later. Because it was a stupid rule to begin with (I was going to launch into some exegesis of cultural ideas/tradition vs. Scriptural standards but I'll settle for a dismissive cliche).

Since I started this post, I heard that students don't have to attend all 4 daily Bible Conference meetings. This is a week of no classes and all services; other schools have Spring Break, BJ has Bible Conference. It was the only time of year that we could go on the grass and it was a big thing to have a picnic on the grass. I had one my whole 4 years there, I think. It was kind of a couple thing, to have picnics on the grass, and I was never in a couple at the right time. Oh, there was anther one; Christa and I planned one but we had it inside the gym lobby because of cold wind, or something.

Weird. Weird the things I remember, weird the things I did. Can't wait to hear more, can you?

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  1. i think your post was wonderful. it's good to hear that they're changing to update with the times a bit, but it can feel like a punch in the gut when you find out about it. i just heard that cedarville is now allowing their students to wear jeans to class. now this is no hose or forbidden sitting on the grass thing, but it made me angry when i heard that. they couldn't have adopted that 10 years ago when i was there?

    but i do have to find myself keeping myself in check because my experience of christian college does not make it bad for everyone across the board. it was great for my husband who has always been a bit more level-headed and emotionally healthy than i! :)