Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

My friend Melissa does these top ten Tuesdays so I thought I'd try one out. You can join in, too by going here.

My Top Ten Restaurants (I told you this was coming) - in no particular order because that would take me too long to try to sort out.:

1. Bugaboo Creek - we live near it and the kids like it.
2. Windows on the Water (Kpt, ME) - we ate there the night we got engaged. It's gone now.
3. Red Robin - Craig likes the Whiskey River Burger and I like the milkshakes. We don't live near one so when we're visiting my parents we try to eat there several times.
4. 56 Union - on Nantucket. Fabulous Brunch. If we're going to Nantucket, let's go to Fog Island, too.
5. The Common Man - another one near us; fantastic food and formerly fantastic brunch but they don't have the Sunday brunch anymore.
6. Ted's - fried seafood near the lake. Opens this weekend for the season!
7. Federal Jack's (Kpt, ME) - the place we went to make up for Windows on the Water being gone. Now it's a summer tradition to go out there without the children.
8. Giorgio's - another one we actually live near and go to without children.
9. 12 Pine (Peterborough, NH) - chicken burritos. 'Nuff said.
10. Del Rossi's (Dublin, NH) - yum.

I only listed places I've been to more than once or I would have included 2 Amys in Washington DC. Well, I don't know if it's in Washington exactly but it's nearby.

Now I'm hungry.


  1. We don't have many of those here. But still you managed to make me hungry! I love specialty restaurants that are only open certain seasons, so Ted's sounds super yummy to me!!

  2. ooh, I love this idea! What I LOVE even more is seeing something "opening for the season" now! WOOHOO!! That means warmth is coming!!

    I'll have to work on my top 10 restaurants!

  3. and anything Nantucket does my heart good!!

  4. love this idea! makes me miss new england terribly, though, to read about all of these places at my old haunts (i used to work for yankee, located in dublin).

  5. We finally got a Red Robin in town and I've heard good things about their food. Might have to suggest that for the next girls' night out!