Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I would not mind a nice corned beef and cabbage (cooked that way but I won't eat cabbage) meal now and then, but Craig is not a fan. So for St. Patrick's Day (which, by the way, his paternal grandmother was from Ireland) I found an "Irish Lamb Stew" on and tried it.

It was fantastic. As soon as Sam heard what it was, he claimed he didn't like lamb. The last time we had lamb, it was marinated in a Greek-style marinade and grilled so I think that's why he said that. The char marks bothered him. So we told him to try it, it was made differently. He still didn't like it. Until we told him he could have a St. Patrick's Day cupcake if he ate it. He ate 3 bites. Then he ate 4 more. THEN, when I told him he needed to eat something more, "like 3 more pieces of meat, yogurt, or a banana," he chose meat. He missed the linguistic distinction of pieces as opposed to bites. But he ate about half of what I gave him and enjoyed his green-frosted treat.

Kate, meanwhile, was gobbling up the carrots. She was avoiding the lamb until I reminded her that she liked meat. I put a piece on her fork and the next time I looked over she had cleared her plate (of lamb, not potatoes) and I gave her more. She does like meat, and gobbles it up when she gets going on it, my funny girl.

Overall the mealtime battles are less, or, I should say, shifted from Sam refusing to eat (he still puts up a token protest) to Kate wandering around instead of eating. She also mimics his "I don't like this" but it's more like she's reading from a script than speaking from a place of actual conviction.


  1. Why is it I can picture this whole scene at your house? ;)

  2. i love that they have two completely different takes on eating. i'm not looking forward to dinner time battles. ugh.