Wednesday, March 17, 2010


At BJU, you didn't get to choose roommates. You could request one person to be in your room, prayer group (group of 4 or sometimes 3 rooms that met for prayer group at 10:30 PM), hall, or (I think) dorm. One person for one of those places, not one person for each. You got new roommates every year. You could only live off-campus if you had family to live with or were 23.

There were 5 bunks in each room - a double bunk and a triple bunk. Most rooms had 4 roomies. Sometimes you got lucky and had 3. My sophomore year there was a room down the hall that had two so I requested to move into that room from my 4-person room - full of MORNING PEOPLE who listened to the RADIO before light bell (6:15 AM). I will get into that more later.

My freshman year I requested to be in a prayer group with a girl (Tania Bonczak) who had been in a room I'd visited the year before. She had a serious boyfriend back at home. Down the hall lived Katey Brown, who eventually moved into Tania's room and became on the best friends ever (I talked about her before. Her room was awful for some reason, a point of conflict being plants that attracted bugs. Katey would put them outside and the roommate would bring them back in. Katey pured bleach in them, one of the funniest things I could imagine to do to a roommate). The other girl in that room was the freshman sister of my roommate, who was a senior. They both had read hair. The freshman sister was grouchy a lot of the time and said she didn't like Katey because Katey was too happy all the time.

But enough about that room. The senior roommate in my room, the sister with the red hair, had a list of things she prayed for, one of them being a car. She had very specific things listed about this car, one of them being that it not be red. I remember thinking, NOT RED? How can you want a car to be NOT RED? Isn't red the best color? Like, for a MIATA, maybe (which I thought was the best car ever, at that point)? It amazed me that she was so specific; there were several more criteria. Now I think that that was a wise way to pray for what you want and that God provides in ways we can't imagine. But then, I thought she was crazy. She was also praying about going to Germany after graduation. I don't know where she ended up.

Paulette Menteer was a sophomore. Menteer couldn't be a real name, I thought. My sister and I made up that exact name when we played office or school. Paulette went to high school on Okinawa; her father was in the military. She had a friend named Jewel. I thought she was calling her "Jule," like, short for Julie, until I saw Jewel on her letter jacket. This was 1992, so even if Jewel was on the music scene, we didn't know it. Or I didn't. I listened to the Lemonheads and the Cure and stuff like that. I had a mix tape hidden under my mattress that I'd pull out occasionally when the room was empty and I missed home/high school.

Yes, that would have been a major demerit offense.

Our fourth roommate was Alison Currie, from North Carolina. She had dark hair and was a little, um, not clean. Once when she was home on cuts (or something), we (prompted by Stacy [red hair; I jut remembered her name]) washed her sheets.

There were three closets. I shared with Paulette because I was the last one to arrive. This made no sense to me as I had the most clothes. I always traveled to school and back with a lot of stuff, clothes and back issues of Vogue and memorablilia and sample-size Clinique products and what have you. A black-pleated skirt from high school that "didn't check" (wasn't long enough as in didn't cover my knees) that I kept just in case some situation would call for it.

Across the hall was a fun room who put on a "haunted house" for Halloween. It was funny and fun, but this was before I figured out that the end of October is for celebrating Founder's Day (Dr. Bob Sr's birthday) and NOT Halloween.

Stacy was the prayer captain (PC), which means she was "in charge" of our room. Every room had an assistant prayer captain (APC) and one of those would be the prayer captain, running the prayer groups each night (from 10:30 - 10:45). We always prayed at the end, after a short devotional, and were supposed to kneel. Almost everyone to a woman kneeled with her forehead on the floor and bum in the air. Hands folded under the face, sort of. Until there was a lice problem and then we were told not to share clothes or put our heads on the floor.

I'll have to get into the prayer group thing more in a dorm life post. I should make a list of ideas instead of flying off the cuff each week. What do you want to hear about?


  1. these might be my favorite posts that you do. i'm kinda interested in your classes and profs. what were they like?

  2. I can't stop laughing. Lice? PCs? Demerits? LIGHT BELL??!!

  3. i don't think i could remember all my roommates. i think i have tried to block some of them out. i am impressed.