Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It was not me who woke up Sunday morning, with rain pouring down outside the window, and decided to let Craig sleep in because our senior pastor was not going to be preaching this morning.

I was not the one who was more than happy to let Craig paint the dresser we moved into Kate's room, even though it was my idea to do it.

It is not me me who has jelly beans hidden in the cabinet because I like them (what is it about the promise of spring and craving jelly beans?) but don't want my children to eat them.

It was not me who confiscated the remote from Craig last night and switched from Rocky III to Sex and the City. A passive-aggressive channel-switching battle did not ensue.

And it certainly is not me who is sitting here stuggling for funny, creative, or semi-interesting not me's when there's so much housework to get to . . .

Now, since you have nothing else to do, head over to MckMama to see what else has not been going on . . . or check out her posts on her Kenya trip. Happy Monday!

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