Friday, March 5, 2010

I was having such a nice afternoon . . .

I love to shop. And since some of Sam's pants were pretty worn, I got the go-ahead from Craig to go shopping. This means that in addition to perusing the toddler and boy pants (he's kind of a 5T but also moving into the boy sizes), I can look at all the other goodies in Old Navy. And then, should they not have acceptable khakis, I can head to The Children's Place and Gymboree. Which I'll probably head to anyway, since I had coupons for those places.

Note: the fashions at Old Navy and my coupon use both could have their own post so I'll just mention them in passing for now.

After taking Sam to school, Kate and I headed to Old Navy. After we paid, we spent some time watching a spider on the floor until someone stepped on it and it curled up dead. Then we headed to the mall.

We didn't really have enough time to finish quick and get back for Kate to rest, so we just took our time looking at things, using up the time until we had to meet Sam's bus. Kate wanted to go into Sephora (I love that place. I haven't stepped foot in one in years but it's such a happy place) and I let her play with the makeup. Then she wanted lipstick in Origins.

Then we went to Starbucks, where I noticed my wallet was gone when I went to buy her a chocolate milk.

Oh. Wallet's gone. Weird.

But I had the card I'd paid with at ON so whew, I could shop the mall. And my coupons were there in my purse, so I must have just rummaged my purse in the car and left the wallet on the seat.

I dragged Kate to The Children's Place and had no luck (I digress here, but why are their "pretty t's" for girls either tie-dyed or covered with rhinestones? Usually I can't get out of there for under $50 but yesterday, nada).

After riding the clear elevator up and down a few times, we headed to Gymboree. Kate ran around crazy and almost shoplifted sunglasses while I rummaged the clearance racks (another digression, but I have given up looking at full-priced things, esp. there; the prices are outrageous). Socks were 99 cents! and a dress for my niece! I love shopping, have I mentioned?

Another stop at the candy store to look (as I had no cash), the pet store (Kate picked out a chi-a-poo [chihuahua and poodle mix] that she wanted), and the rides (we had to mooch a ride in the bus because I had no money. No wallet, remember?), we went to the car. And my wallet wasn't there.

I went back to ON, parked in the fire lane, and went in to ask for the wallet. They didn't have it but would take my name & number and call if it turned up.

I got home, called the bank, and found out my other card had been used for over $700 worth of items at grocery stores and Rite Aid. ugh.

I must have left it on one side of the register at ON when I went to swipe the card to pay. Which is why I had that card and not the wallet.

The officer at the Nashua PD was very nice, but since the card was only used once in Nashua, he could only follow up on the theft and that one fraudulent use of the card. I'm supposed to make reports in the other two towns the card was used in. They only used the card 4 times, but the mall is right on the town/state line (Nashua, NH and Tyngsboro, MA) and not too far from where they did the most damage, Hudson, NH.

I can tell you, if I stole a credit card (and so wouldn't, I've seen enough cop shows to know that they can cue up the security footage for when a certain card was used and ID the suspect; but on a side note, ON doesn't have security cameras) I would not head to Market Basket or Rite Aid. Ann Taylor, maybe, or Nordstrom. I guess I just don't have a criminal mind, since Nordstrom is a 30 minute drive and I think part of the deal is to spend money fast before the card is cancelled. Just the kind of tidbit I like to tuck away should I ever need it.


  1. that stinks. is your credit card company going to cancel the charges? i certainly hope so. if i ever became a credit card thief i'd head straight to target!