Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good idea

As someone who frequently has a lot of good ideas, one of the best ideas I have had lately was to stay home by myself yesterday while Craig took the littles to Maine. They had a fantastic time cavorting in the sun* and I had a great time . . . cleaning.

I know, I'm a lunatic. The house (in my opinion) was disaster zone and I was feeling really overwhelmed and burned out (I know. My life is so easy it's ridiculous to think it's so hard that I need a day off, but as my therapist used to tell me, full-time caretaking is exhausting and draining) and just said I wasn't going.

Craig said he was "disappointed."

I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I refused (in my mind) to cave in and I am SO thankful that I didn't. I am so glad I stayed.

I listened to the silence.

I finished up the last two chapters in the book for Ladies' Bible Study.

I prayed that my day would be productive and relaxing.

I moved furniture and vacuumed under and behind what I moved, dusted the kids' rooms (that never happens), vacuumed the stairs, did laundry, cleaned bathrooms and humidifiers . . . just lots of little chores that were bugging me and not getting finished.

I took a walk in the beautiful weather.

I baked ribbon (more on that later).

I didn't turn on the TV until after 4 PM (only because I didn't know there was an NCIS marathon going on).

I didn't scrap until 6 PM.

It was exactly the day I wanted (well, I would have preferred to have the house clean at 9AM and have scrapped all day, but let's be realistic here); I was as busy and responsible as I could be and I had fun, too (what? you don't think baking ribbon is fun?)(I'm trying to link up a tutorial for you but it's not loading).

*by cavorting in the sun I mean Sam went for a tube ride in the small (50 ft from shore) area that wasn't covered with ice and Kate had a bathing suit on and played in the water. They came in smelling like summer - sunscreen and Ted's (no good link for Ted's, either). Craig said it was probably 75 degrees in the sun out front.

Yep, that's Katey Belle in Mousam Lake on March 20, 2010. And that differently colored stuff about 50 feet out? Ice. My mother-in-law took this picture. I can't wait to scrap it. I'll probably frame it, too.


  1. I am so impressed with your cleaning. Just don't have to do that for days now. :) I know what you mean about being home with the kids but not being able to actually CLEAN. I admit I am jealous of your day.

  2. Sometimes cleaning feels so good....especially when you really see the results. I love looking at a clean house for just that *second* it actually stays that way.

  3. I got to do that last week! My inlaws took the girls on Friday for the day. I love being home alone to clean. It actually relaxes me. That sounds dorky, I know. But I put on my audio books and clean away!