Monday, March 29, 2010

Focus & Motivation

I have neither of these today. I keep thinking of things to do and then my mind wanders and I drift to something else. I have quite a few half-baked ideas rolling around in my mind and a house that for some strange reason will not clean itself.

I feel like, if I could focus, I could prioritize, and then if I could do that, the motivation to start on what can be started would come. But since I'm jumping at every passing breeze of thought, my frustration is growing that nothing is getting done.

I know that what I really need to do is kick it old school (just wanted to use that phrase): get a pen and paper and make a list. There are projects I want to do this week but don't want to start until later, things for the near future (weekend) that I want to do, things for the distant future (summer) that I'm excited about and want to start planning now, children to entertain/distract while I ponder all of these other activities, and regular everyday life to manage. Oh. and blogs to catch up on.

It just came to me. I'm going to pray that God helps me to use my time wisely and focus on what should be done. Then I'm going to break out that pen and paper.

If I don't get distracted first.

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  1. good luck!! I'm blog hopping instead of studying for a test.