Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last week, Kate (very helpfully) stuck a bunch of Craig's business cards into this vent. So he pulled the vent out of the floor and got the cards out. Then he noticed some things hanging out in the duct work so he reached in and pulled them out.

These three little guys, a play tape measure, a marker, lots of crushed up cereal (from her obsession with "cereal in a bag"), and pine needles from the Christmas tree.

The three guys went with a little fire truck thing. I had the fire truck and the fourth guy for a long time but I am pretty sure they have moved on, as I have a very low tolerance for toys with missing parts. If the parts don't turn up, the toy moves on.

He asked her why she put them in there and she said, very dramatically with borderline tears, as if admitting a huge failing, "because I wanted to help clean up and didn't know how."

Of course we were hoping for a random and magical appearance of the ipod touch. It has not been seen for many weeks now, despite looking in increasingly random places and frequently praying that God will reveal to us where to look to find it. Occasionally we'll try to catch Kate off guard and say, "where's the ipod?" but so far it hasn't worked to jog her memory (if she's even the one who lost/misplaced/stashed it).


  1. i think it's so adorable that she wanted to help cleaning up but didn't know how! the men sure look happy to be out of the vent. think of how frustrating it must have been for them - trying to get out with nothing but a tape measure to assist them! the knowledge of how far they had fallen eating away at them day in and day out. luckily they had that cereal for sustenance.

  2. i can just see her sad face. she tries to hard momma! i will start praying for the ipod to be found. along with the back of my cell phone which i am sure belle threw out.