Monday, March 1, 2010

dinner fail, dinner success

Saturday I was in no mood to care that there was a diminishing amount of food in the kitchen. Add to that being "on call" for picking up Craig's grandmother from the hospital, with no definite time frame PLUS the drama of waiting for a tsunami to hit Hawaii (thankfully it did not, and thanks to CNN [or MSNBC} and we got to watch nothing happen live), and it got to be 5:15 and there was no dinner in sight. For anyone.

Fortunately, I am married to one of the most laid back and loving men on the planet, who called Bugaboo Creek to get our name on the "call-ahead seating" list. We headed over and proceeded to WAIT for 40 minutes. Just after I gave the host an earful (actually I was very polite and soft-spoken about it; the host really has nothing to do with how fast people eat) about how we were frustrated because we did call-ahead and here we were waiting, our pager went off and we ate.

I began thinking about how Bugaboo Creek is one of our favorite places to eat and then started thinking of all the exceptions to that. 56 Union, The Common Man, Windows on the Water, Federal Jack's . . . I could smell a "top 10" coming on so be on the lookout for that.

Last night we tried Cheeseburger Soup. Guy Fieri (you know, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) had some that looked fantastic so after a quick internet search turned up nothing similar, we invented our own based on what we could remember. It was incredible. So yummy. I may even share when I have the energy. The children did not eat it.

I'm thinking of a series of posts about my time at BJU. Should I call them Flashback Friday or Way-back Wednesday? Or something more clever?


  1. ooo that sounds yummy. i have some ground beef hanging out in the freezer and i have been very uninspired in using it. cheeseburger soup sounds like a tasty reason to thaw it, assuming there's ground beef in it.

  2. way back wednesday is my vote. i loved bugaboo creek when you took me there.

  3. I was thinking something like Segregated Sidewalk Saturday/Sunday.