Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatbop* (Soup)

*Meatball, that is.

We had the tortellini meatball soup again last night. And tonight. Last night I had to take Kate to the doctor and didn't eat not only until after 7 but also well after everyone else.

Tonight, no energy. No thawed food. Craig suggested the leftovers so that's what we had. Kate said, "Last night I had to go to doctor and didn't get meatbop soup," which was incredibly cute and insightful of her. She was really excited about it, but didn't eat much until I fed her a few bites.

Sam kept asking, "Did I like this last time? Did I like the meatballs? Did I like the carrots?" and we kept telling him "yes."

Since I had to look up the recipe on my own blog because I couldn't find the page I tore out of the magazine, I knew that he didn't like the meatballs way back then. We don't mind obfuscating the truth when it comes to his likes and dislikes; they change so often it's hard to know what he really likes or doesn't. I think he ate 4 bites.

Then we announced we were going to Target and after that, Cold Stone Creamery. Suddenly he was full. Until we got to Cold Stone Creamery and he ate . . . well, click on the link. Something very similar to what's pictured. Without whipped cream. I knew Craig had taken him there a few times on their "guy days" but hadn't actually ever witnessed the consumption of that. And, they were so cute discussing the combination of ice cream and mix-ins & how Sam had not had that exact combination before. Sweet Cream ice cream, M & Ms, kit kat. In the chocolate-dipped waffle cone bowl.

He let me have two bites.

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  1. this makes me so excited to have kids. more excuses to go out to ice cream!