Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweets to the Sweet

(I have quite a few blog ideas rolling around in my head but for now that's where they'll stay. I was going to title this icing but then thought of this title, which is another Shakespeare reference and therefore a reference to my English-teaching roots).

Sitting here tired and frustrated, trying to ignore the 4 (or more) loads of laundry upstairs that need to be folded, wishing dinner would make itself and that I didn't have to go be in the nursery at church tonight, I realize that I have nothing* to put icing on.

Because I can't just eat icing out of the can, now, can I?

*By nothing I primarily mean pretzel rods, which are really good icing scoopers.

So I go in the kitchen and . . . eat icing off a spoon. I tried some on the biscotti but it's so much better on the pretzel rods (the whole sweet/salty thing).


  1. I am about to fall over I am SO tired, but I am sure this was a great post. I read it earlier. It was good.

  2. You can buy "icing shots" at cupcake shops. I saw some served in little edible chocolate cups.