Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I had all this extra felt . . ."

OK, so I had to go to Joanne's for the felt, but I couldn't pass up the chance to quote Dr. Doofenshmirtz, could I?

Today I made these:

Super cute, huh? They had a little tutorial on Nick Jr. and Kate was really obsessed with them. It was presented as a mom/kid activity but let me tell you, it was all me. There was a lot of cutting and tracing and more cutting. And Kate asking if she could paint or something and I had to tell her 'no' as all my focus was on the cutting and tracing and cutting and gluing and I couldn't supervise her doing another activity.

I will give you a few tips if you want to make your own but the biggest suggestion I can give you is this: DON'T.

Should you not take my advice and want to make your own, the directions and templates are here and here.

My tips:

1. Do this while your toddlers are asleep. At least cut out the patterns and trace them onto the felt and then cut out the felt.

2. The glue stinks. It works really well but I'm pretty sure the fumes knocked out several of my functioning brain cells. And I think when it says 'use in a well-ventilated area' that they don't mean the basement.

3. It took about an hour to make. That was with all the asking for other activities, Kate confiscating nostrils and eyeballs, taking a break to meet the bus, and keeping Kate from cutting off Zee's legs before I finished Moose. Add another 10 minutes or so for getting the glue off your fingers.

She was happy with them when they were finished.

She has really bad ragamuffin hair in these pictures. I've been known to stage rooms for pictures I want to post, but I couldn't summon the energy to comb her hair to get these pictures. I had to move on to the Amish Friendship Bread (I should do a post on that. Stay tuned.)

Here she's having them kiss. She even took them to bed with her. I hope they survive the night.

Then I had to vacuum up all the little scraps of felt from the floor, collect what was left, and find a place for it in my awesome new cabinet.

My in-laws made this. This is just the top part. There's a bottom part for kid games & puzzles & stuff. My FiL does the woodwork and my MiL paints. This literally is a dream come true. You know what else is great about it? I have everything I want in it and there's still some room. They are awesome.

Here it is in the room:

This is our basement. I did some staging but didn't straighten the sofa slipcover. It never stays unwrinkled anyway. How perfect is that cabinet? We wrote down the dimensions I wanted, even down to a shelf with enough space for me to stash my scrapbook albums. They have never had a home and now they do. Happiness.

And now, for those of you who read to find out if my children ate dinner: Last night I roasted a chicken (such a favorite of mine, and tastes fantastic with so little effort. You just have to get the bird in the oven with enough time to cook). I talked to Craig about 4:41 and he said he wasn't coming home due to the snow and traffic. I had to agree that, with road conditions and the time it would take to get home, it was probably better for him not to come. But oh so disappointed. So I mashed potatoes and made gravy and served it to me and the kids.

Sam's initial, gut response to hearing we were having chicken: "I don't like chicken."

He ate it and liked it.

Kate needed much more encouragement to eat but eventually did.

Tonight, I planned on lasagna roll-ups. But I didn't want to start unless I knew Craig was on his way. PLUS, I had to start the Amish Friendship Bread (it was baking day). So I made ravioli for them and they ate it; Sam declaring he loved them and Kate with (wait for it) some encouragement. Plus some applesauce for a nod at nutrition.

So all in all some good eating days.


  1. Ok, first I love the cabinet, it is awesome!!! great color too. Your basement looks great.
    And you will never believe this, but I went to Joanne's for felt today too. weird. I made Addie a cute little owl teether with ribbon tags and felt eyes and beak.
    we should have a craft day (no kids) sometime since i gave up on scrapping.

  2. You are way too crafty for me! What is this friendship bread and why don't you ever have any when I am there...I can take a hint.

    "about 4:41"... About?

  3. Are those the nick jr's characters?? Too cute!

  4. they turned out super cute! i can see why she is into them!

  5. i just saw the title for this post and i am still laughing. if i lived closer and was meaner i would steal that cabinet. i love it!