Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Ride

I got her the handlebar flower-shaped pinwheels with iridescent tassels, because it's her brother's hand-me-down bike.

I did not get her the pink princess bike horn, because it was obnoxiously loud.
She's asked for it at least 114 times since yesterday.
I really wanted her to be wearing the "old" helmet in these pictures, but it wasn't easily presenting itself so I put the "new" helmet on her. (If she'd been wearing the other one, her pictures of her first bike ride would match Sam's.)
She really needed mittens, which I got after I took this.

This is pretty much what I saw. She wanted me to "help" her, which meant pushing the bike so she could pedal without actually expending any effort.

She refused to smile.

"Say sushi," I said.
"That's for basketball!" she told me.
But I got the grin.
("Sushi" being what the photographer told Sam's basketball team to say for the team picture.)

Not sure why I stuck my glove in front of the lens for this one.

She was actually yelling at me and getting off the bike. She was mad that I wasn't pushing. I didn't get a chance to re-take the shot.
This, of course, being not what we looked like most of the time. I considered trying to take a picture of our shadows while hunched over and pushing her, but I settled for this.


  1. The pink nail polish totally makes up for the lack of the obnoxious horn.
    Looks like a great first ride. Is it weird that it is Feb. and you can actually ride a bike on pavement??????? Are we sure we are in New England still?