Thursday, February 25, 2010


More by accident than design, tonight we had breakfast for dinner. Kate had seen a picture of chocolate waffles in a magazine and asked for them (this was a few days ago) so I made those for the kids and Craig and I cobbled together an assortment of eggs, breads, and sausage for us.

Now. What's up for tomorrow night?

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  1. gosh, don't worry about today! I was happy to be there, and it didn't keep me from anything.

    Thanks for the link to the necklace! I'll check them out!

    Also, thank you for the verse. It is so comforting to know the Lord knows the details, IS in control, and is protecting us every step.

    Breakfast for dinner is my ALL TIME favorite!! I LOVE breakfast food, just not at the "real" breakfast time. Because, you know, I'd rather sleep than get up for breakfast!