Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amish Friendship Bread

Last winter, at some point, Laurie gave me the starter to some Amish Friendship Bread. (Oh, who's Laurie, you say? She hasn't made a blog appearance before.) Technically, she's my husband's cousin. Fortunately we are also pretty good friends as
a) she lives about a mile from us and
b) her two oldest and Sam like to play together.

Anyway. Back to the AFB. I had done some kind of starter bread thing before and remembered having scads of bread around that no one was eating. So I didn't have high hopes.

This, as it turns out, was different.

The baked bread was fantastic. We'd finish the two loaves 5 or 6 days into the 10-day sit-on-the-counter-and-get-stirred-and-fed cycle.

So I kept it up for about 6 months, baking every 10 days, consuming bread that was not helping at all with the weight loss plan*. Sam loved it. Craig loved it. I loved it. I can't really say if Kate liked it or not . . . she marches to the beat of her own drummer. Have I told you that?

Then one day, when it was almost summer, I got tired of it and tossed the starter. Just gave up.

But when fall and then winter rolled around, I wanted to have it again. I have The Amish Cook and it has a starter recipe in it. So I tried it out, let it sit for 10 days, and baked.

The first batch was super dense and not quite right (and not just because I ran out of cinnamon and didn't sprinkle the top with cinnamon-sugar). For a variety of reasons I will not detail here (because I have a MIGRAINE and am waiting for Craig to get home from work [what's that? you say? It's Saturday. Why is he working? Well, first of all, stop interrupting. I started a blog so I could ramble on at my leisure and second of all we're glad he has a job even if it means being called into work on the weekends.]), I went back to the directions from last year's success bread and baked again and it was good. Almost exactly right. I'm going to give this starter a few more rounds to see if the final product taste improves. My theory is that since I made the starter and it's undivided/undiluted, the yeast taste is more prominent.

So that's it. If you're local and want a starter from me, I'm on day 3. So you have to wait until day 10; that's when it gets divided and baked. If you just want to come over and eat super-good diet-busting carbs, call first. I may leave you with the kids and go to the mall.

*the weight-loss "plan" being occasional exercise effort coupled with amazement that I don't wear a 4 anymore and haven't for years. Truthfully (maybe this should be a post of its own?) I don't want to be a 4 because I looked like a bobble-head. Not only that, but I like my body so much more now than then, just not the pooch that insipires people to occasionally inquire if I'm expecting. EXPECTING TO LOSE WEIGHT, I tell them.