Thursday, January 14, 2010


Things I do not like about winter:

1. Forgetting to go out and start the car so it can warm up and having to drive in a cold car.

2. Not being able to clean fingerprints/drool off the windows because the cleaner freezes when I spray it.

3. Tracking in sand, gravel, and rock salt.

4. Looking for mittens.

5. Sam's lips get so dry they crack :(

6. Small children going bananas indoors because they can't go outside to go bananas.

7. Cancelling plans because of snow.

8. Trying to think of things I do like about winter so this post doesn't seem so negative.

9. Getting a car wash and then having the car get grungy on the way home.

10. The gravel-covered snow on the sides of the road that is just ugly.

Maybe I'll come up with some things I do like about winter . . . and I'll look for the Emily Dickinson poem ("birds/by the snow"), because I do think winter makes me appreciate summer more.


  1. yeah, so I hate EVERYTHING about winter!

  2. You like the clothes you get to wear in the winter. You used to get so excited in college when you were finally able to break out the winter clothes.