Friday, January 1, 2010


It was a long New Year's Day. Craig unexpectedly had to work all day.

I made frozen ravioli for supper.

I cooked it first.

This did not sit well with Sam, who screamed and protested and had to be sent to his room.

He calmed down, came down, and decided he wanted not only 4 but SIX ravioli.

Kate ate some of hers but was way more into slurping her chocolate milk off of a spoon. So I encouraged her to eat between slurps. This led to her dipping the ravioli in the milk.

Gross, but . . . ok . . .

Then she dropped (half) a ravioli in the milk. And couldn't get it out.

A few minutes later she was stirring and announced she was making a smoothie.

I responded by saying, "You are NOT making a smoothie!" (thinking about it now, it was a total waste of breath to say anything. I mean, really, was she going to sit up, hold her fork correctly, and say, "Of course, Mom, you're right; because no one in her right mind would ever think chocolate milk and ravioli would make a smoothie"?)

Sam's objection to the smoothie production? "She doesn't have any crushed ice."

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