Friday, January 8, 2010

Recent Purchases

So, sooner than I expected, are pictures of some of the many things I've bought recently. "Recently" as in since the excessive influx of material things known as Christmas.

This sailboat was at the L.L. Bean Outlet. It was originally marked $69, on clearance for $14.95. Really? I wouldn't have even looked at it for $69, but for $14.95 I'll buy it. I said to the lady at the register, "I don't even really want it but for that price I'll buy it."

I got this comforter for Sam's bed. For a long time now (since he got the big bed 3 years ago, I guess), he's had the quilt (now folded at the foot of the bed) from his Nana. He had a bassinet quilt and a baby quilt but she made this one on our request for one to "match his room." She made it twin sized (at the time he was in a toddler bed and we didn't really plan to give him a full size), so for however many years he just had the twin size quilt on the full size bed. In the last few months, though, it's been bugging that his bed was sloppy all the time, even when "made."

So I started looking for something in the right size that didn't cost too much (the plan is to get him bunk beds and then he'll use the twin quilt and I'm working on another one made from his crib sheets). Home Goods usually has something but didn't. So, I looked online (I really only wanted to spend about $40) and found this at Wal-mart! Of all places! (I hate going to Wal-mart). About half the reviews online said it was cheaply made and didn't wash well . . . well, people, it was $25 at Wally World. What did you expect?

It's not Garnet Hill, Pottery Barn Kids, or Land of Nod, but it looks SO much better than the textile conglomeration we had before.

This is the picture Kate took when she saw me in Sam's room with the camera.

This is Puppy (who is sometimes called Bolt).

Puzzle, bought while looking for a birthday present for my nephew.

Patriots shirt bought because it was Patriots Day at school and he had nothing Patriots.

They both got watches but I only have a picture of Kate's. I was trying to use natural light.

I have a shopping problem. I know that. It's been dialed down from a full-blown addiction. I think. On a good day.

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