Monday, January 25, 2010

More Crafting

This is my "knotty girl" scarf. I got it for Christmas (actually I bought it for myself and my husband wrapped it up). Then I got one for Liz. She (haute hooked designs) actually has some up right now so I encourage you to head over and get your own.

Anyway. Kate is obsessed with wanting to wear this and use it. She's pretty much obsessed with all scarves for some reason. Maybe because they're extraneous to outfits? Just an accessory and doesn't fit in any category she wears so she wants to check them out all the time?

So I decided to make her her own. And this time I took pictures of the process.
First, assemble the supplies (this one required a trip to Michael's where I was appalled to find yarn is like $5.79 a thing [skein?]. I ended up with some sale stuff and "splurged" on the eyelash yarn [if that's what you call it]). I mean, she could not like it and then this is all a waste. (Feel free to, as I did, use a stack of place mats for your "backdrop.")

Then, cut the yarns & ribbons to desired length. I made mine as long as my arms are when they are spread out to the side. This is a very unscientific and irregular method that resulted in varying lengths. (Don't feel the need to move the place mats during this process.)

Tie the ends together. Then make knots at (regular) intervals. I debated (briefly) getting a tape measure but went with "the pair of scissors" as my measure of lengths between knots.
It did not take very long. I did have to be careful to keep the yarns (etc.) from sagging between knots. Cut the ends to the same length.

Then I took it up to Kate when it was time to get her up from her nap.
"I love it!" she said.
"It's beautiful."
Then she posed for me.

I think I'll make one for my niece.


  1. Love it!! Looks so cute on her! I can't handle how crafty you are!

    I'm sure Belle would love one, too!

  2. You did a great job. The sugar n' cream yarn is the one i used for kate's blanket.

  3. it came out great! You did an awesome job. Kate is so adorable, I love how "girlie" she is.