Thursday, January 7, 2010


I did not, as the title suggests, have an epiphany (as in, a deep, revealing thought and certainly did not experience a pre-incarnate revelation of Christ [since He already came in the flesh, an event we just celebrated]). Jan. 6 is Epiphany, or 12th Night, or traditionally when the wise men came to see the Christ child.

Mostly I just think it's cool that it's 12th Night.

(On a side not, I have a Nativity set [I think my mom gave the same one to my sister and me] that has Mary, Joseph, and the Babe [lying in a manger] and wise men but NO SHEPHERDS. This bothers me profoundly. I put the wise men across the room because they are traveling. This year, the nativity was on a table at the bottom of the basement stairs and the wise men were on a ledge near the top of the stairs. When I was taking down the decorations, Kate came up and asked me something along the lines of 'move these now?' and took them down to the manger. I forgot that until I started typing about the nativity set. It was so cute how she asked and how excited she was to put them down with the rest of the set. And as she acted out a little scene, I realized she asked. It must have been so hard for her to use self-control and not touch them for the 3 or however many weeks they were out, and maybe it profoundly bothered her that the set wasn't together. But she obeyed and didn't touch them (touching of Christmas decorations was strictly forbidden). My baby girl. My sweet baby K.)

Oh, I'm so glad I actually had something to write. I came on here to say, since it's the week of Epiphany, apparently I feel the need to buy a lot of stuff. I plan to take pictures and post them with the title "recent purchases." Don't hold your breath. It may take a few days.

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  1. I love the fact that you are bothered by things such as the absence of shepherds in a Nativity set.