Thursday, January 21, 2010

Craft Project

I made this today.

What is it, you ask?

It's to hold Kate's bows.

I can't tell you how happy I am with how this turned out.

Here are directions so you can make your own:

1. Begin by assuming this will be easy. Think about it for a few weeks before proceeding. I should also mention, in the interest of full disclosure, that it will be easier if you are a hoarder of craft/sewing supplies as I am.

2. Finally remember to look at frames at Target. Realize do not want to spend even $10 on a frame as have lots at home and can use one of those. Think about sanding & painting one of the frames filling 2 boxes you have in the basement. Decided to use this frame hanging on the wall in son's room, as it has that shabby-chic look you were going for.

3. Take frame to basement so can pull it apart on husband's workbench. Realize scrap table is still cleaned off from going to an all-day crop and decide to work there. Take back of frame off and remove glass.

4. Get the cardboard you saved from the 2010 calendars (it was bound to come in handy sometime) and glue the two pieces together (to make it stronger).

5. Get out pink toile fabric you've had for 2 years. You will find this in the bin under the bin of other fabric you've had for 3 or 4 years. Wonder why fabric is so long and skinny. Cut off little piece. See it is wrinkled and go iron it. Come back down and see that it would have been better to turn on the light while ironing. Proceed anyway as plan to pull fabric tight.

6. Use tape runner around outer edges of cardboard. Affix fabric. Realize cardboard is showing through and making fabric look dingy. Pull fabric off and go look for white fabric. Realize can use white piece of cardstock so affix that. Go back to attaching the fabric (folding it up around the edges and pressing down).

7. Fold corners flat and have trouble getting them to lay down flat. Realize can use tape (real tape) because this is the back of the thing we're talking about. Get fed up with going up and down the stairs.

8. Get out ribbon. Decide on 4 rather than 5 strands. Lay these down how you want them spaced & arranged and think this is going to work out after all. Use tape to attach these. Turn thing over and straighten.

9. Put fabric-covered board back in the frame. Flip it over and think how outstanding it is and how much you love it.

10. Take pictures to post on blog.


  1. You are so resourceful. I guess my problem is that I don't have a box of frames in my garage, and I don't have a big bin of fabric hanging around waiting to be used. I'm obviously deprived of life's true necessities. I do however have an array or marbleized papers, calligraphy nibs, and gouache. Does that count?

  2. I love the directions. I was getting tired going up and down those stairs with you. Did you take a break in there somewhere, get a drink, a snack perhaps?

  3. I would like to add that it's even cuter in person!!