Thursday, January 28, 2010


Craig was very late tonight so I went ahead and gave the children their meatloaf and baked potato before he came home. My neighbor was over chatting about the knotty girl scarf so they didn't have my full attention. This apparently meant it was time to go bananas. Both of them refused to eat and ran around screaming to the horror/amusement of the neighbor's daughter (who is Sam's age but an only child). The look on her face was an eloquent "this is crazy loco."

Craig made it home safely (snow squall and slippery roads) and we enjoyed the prepared dinner. Kate ended up with macaroni and Sam finally chose bagel pizzas. By finally I mean "at 7:00."


  1. What exactly are you trying to say with "hard to take it all in"? I'm just too much for you to handle, huh? hmmmmm

  2. I chalk this up to your neighbor's fault. They would have eaten every bite but wanted to show off for that kid. :)