Monday, December 14, 2009

NMM, part 2

I did not just have a cup of hot chocolate and biscotti as if I were a woman of leisure.

I did not forget to post this picture in part 1:

because this is not what my table looked like last night while making the gingerbread house (for the record I don't like a clean house with things put away and I don't tell my children "no mess. Making mess is naughty," in a slightly exasperated voice as if the clipped caveman sentence structure will convince them).

Now, if you haven't already, write your own and head over to MckMama to join in the fun.

(Oh, and I'm not counting the hours until Liz gets here on Wednesday and I can wrap up [no pun intended] the Christmas shopping.)

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  1. hahaHA! I missed the part with me in it! AND you even tabled it Liz! hahaha