Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It was just a little fishy . . .

My children were wonderful on Thanksgiving. While waiting for the food, we went around in a circle saying what we were thankful for. As people came to they table, they added what they were thankful for. One of Sam's was "that we are all together this year" (awww . . .) while Kate opened with "food," followed by "cups," then "chairs," and she finished up with "Auntie Reb" (my sister).

Kate was a huge fan of the jellied cranberry sauce. Sam tried some sweet potato fluff but politely declined to eat with "no, thank you." Just taking a bite is big for him! I think he also might have tried the green bean casserole. They both sat so quietly and calmly to eat . . . it was amazing.

I am thankful for my sweet, sweet babies (who are getting bigger by the day).

Monday night I made fish (which was actually a day-long process of trying to think of something that didn't involve chicken [and certainly not turkey], ground beef, or tomato sauce [everything easy I thought of seemed to involve one or more of those things]) and SAM ATE IT. He even declared it "good" and did not need constant reminders to eat. Kate, not so much. I'm still in amazement. Do I DARE say that I (sort of? almost? don't want to fully think it so I'm not jinxing it?) think that maybe something is getting through? That some of the effort we've put in to telling him that what we're serving is what he's going to eat?

Maybe he just thought the fish was good.

My husband was out tonight so I gave them pizza (and vitamins! I have some standards!), which was consumed with no complaints.

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