Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He likes it!

Sunday night we had "creamy parmesan shrimp," which prompted Sam to declare, "I like shrimp!"

Oh, really? I had no idea. Not just because for awhile lobster was the only "meat" he would eat, but oh, maybe because, well, he's never eaten shrimp before?

He did eat it. Quickly, without reminders to 'keep eating.' He even asked for MORE. We think that that was quite possibly the first time he's ever asked for more.

Tonight, when told we were having "oriental chicken," he said, "I don't like chicken."

Lord, give me strength!

He claimed to like the food, just not the carrots. Then broccoli dropped from the list. Finally we had to just tell him to eat 4 bites of chicken. This is really a huge improvement from where we were, having him eat it and declare it good (for awhile), even if some nights we do keep having to say "eat, take bites, (insert neutral reminder statement here)." There may be some minor fussing, but even that has subsided.

I had him to the pediatrician for his check up and he'd gained almost a pound and a half in the last month . . . well, the last time we were there, he had been puking so it's not that accurate of a measure; but the point is, he's always been a little dude but I'm hoping (and taking this as encouragement) that he'll gain weight.

Kate, on the other hand, ate . . . noodles. With the sauce (soy, garlic, ginger) . . . but declared the chicken was 'yukky,' even with extra sauce. Her favorite lately is cereal (dry) in a bag. At least she hasn't asked for that at dinner yet.

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  1. ah, yes, I do recall that request this afternoon at nap time. Cereal. in. a. bag.

    So when she was "resting" I was watching a segment on tv about kids who are super picky eaters. The doctor said to start them with an empty plate at the table and pretty much ignore the child. Eventually they will feel left out in the eating and join in on their own. Sounds like Sam is doing better, though.