Friday, December 18, 2009


Tonight, showdowns with both children.

The menu was lasagna roll-ups. Sam, of course, doesn't like red sauce. So I've never really offered this to them. I ran out of pepperoni, which was fine since I wasn't sure they wanted to eat that anyway. So I made them one without pepperoni.

Initially, Sam loved it and was eating it. Kate was eating, too, then got a little silly. Then started playing and fooling around. Then she started running around the table.

Sam suddenly was struck with a debilitating headache. He couldn't eat. Kate continued to fool around. We gave Sam the choice to eat or go to his room. Oh, but the head. So, some Tylenol.

We told Kate it was eat or bed and she clearly thought we were kidding. Craig took her up to her room and about 3 minutes later she appeared, much calmer, and ate her supper.

Sam was able to soldier on and finish. They both got the gingerbread men cookies they'd been promised. Kate played with hers but didn't eat it (which is fine, really); Sam at most of his.

Kate went over to a friend's house today and "made cookies." I think mostly the little girls decorated or played. We brought some home and literally, they're awful. One of the other moms mixed them up before the kids got there, so it's not like we can blame the littles. I wanted Craig to taste them just so he could know how bad they were, but he said he'd take my word for it. It's not as if it's a kind I don't like, they are just genuinely awful.


  1. Why is it I can totally picture Kate running around the table at dinner?! Haha!

    Too bad the cookies were so awful!

    Thank you for FINALLY putting a background back up!

  2. Sarah,
    Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog! Christa told me recently she was promoting my blog with her friends, and I laughed. It's fun to see it's working!

    And, yes, too bad for the cookies! I have yet to introduce my 2.5 yr old to Christmas cookie making, but when I do, I foresee a store bought sugar cookie dough. And I just don't care if that's cheating. :-)