Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Last night I read some of this blog

and was literally sobbing and unable to catch my breath at some points. How amazing, God's goodness and grace through such a trial. Her writing is so good, too. If you haven't read it, cancel your appointments, get a sitter, do what it takes. Start from the beginning.

So my next (or should I say, concurrent) thought was, what am I doing trying to have a blog? I like to think I'd be a good writer if I tried. That I have something moderately entertaining to say. That sticking to writing about feeding my children will keep me from rambling off into idiotic rants that people will then forward to their therapists to discuss why they should not spend too much time with me (alright, so that was something I did with a post of my brother's once but it really did cross the line into creepy and I wanted an objective [read, professionally trained] opinion to back up our feeling that maybe we shouldn't have our children around him). Or that I could keep up with current backgrounds for this page if I tried.

Where was I going with this? I started this this morning with (sort of) clear thoughts and now it's not so clear.

Maybe my New Year's Resolution will be to put more into the blog. Maybe not; typically I don't make resolutions so that I can't fail when I don't keep them.

Off to read more Bring the Rain.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me! Moday

I'm not so wiped out from Christmas that I wanted to write a post earlier and didn't.

I didn't burn the candle at both ends for so long that I fell asleep at 7:30 on Christmas night.

I didn't get so fed up with picking up ornaments that I took down the Christmas tree tonight.

I am not watching a rerun of NCIS for the 3rd or 4th time because I find the show soothing.

Head over to MckMama to read more of what did not happen this week.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Lovely, lovely family Christmas with my husband's side of the family. Random foods eaten at random times. Sam ate ham and maybe a roll. Kate ate . . . I actually have no idea. But not the ham, which actually we were thankful for since she pukes after eating deli ham so the outcome of eating a baked ham can't be much different.

I really didn't see Kate eat much of anything all day, including dessert. So in the car, on the way home, I told her she needed to eat a banana before I'd give her the ipod Touch back. She ate. I played Harbor Master. I got 96 points. The record is 99.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Huge Steps Backwards

So, my parents are here. And it's two days before Christmas. There's a little bit of stress in the air (along with aroma of pies, biscotti, cookies, etc.). My children wig a little when my parents are here - my parents are very high strung. So, to keep the peace, I usually give in to them a lot more (I can only take pressure from one direction and it's easier to control them than my parents). So, if they don't want to eat, guess what's appearing on the table? You guessed it, cereal.

Peace on Earth, people. Peace on Earth.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me!!

Everyone's not doing it. Join in! Head over here to read what MckMama didn't do lately.

(I was planning a huge, Christmas-themed "not me," but I really don't have the time. Too much to do.)
Or rather . . . (I'm still new at this) . . . so little to do, so much time.

I do not have scrapbooking obsession (as I said before) and did not spend many hours and lots of money putting the 147 (+) layouts I've done this past year into albums and then leave them in the living room like this
for a week because they have no home. And then I didn't go and scrap two more two-page layouts just because I had so much extra time on my hands.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is this really necessary?

I have a scrapbooking addiction. It's pretty serious. Almost anything we do I take (multiple) pictures of, going for different angles so I don't have to have a picture of someone looking off the page. Sometimes I dress my children in coordinating clothing so the pictures look good on a page.

We are not going to get into my desire for a newer, better camera; I am trying to be content with what God has given me, which is a perfectly fine point-and-shoot camera that takes perfectly serviceable pictures. I'd like to have outstanding, well-lit, photojournalistic, gorgeously staged photos. Maybe someday.


We made sugar cookies today and I tried to take pictures of them at each stage, cutting them out, decorating, eating . . . only Kate didn't want to eat hers. I missed taking a shot of her first bite (I was playing with the flash settings) and even with coaxing couldn't get her to take another bite. REALLY? It's a full-on sugar rush, pre-bedtime, high glycemic index meltdown waiting to happen. Come on baby girl, it's for the scrapbook.

Your brother did it.

I don't think she actually took a bite. But I got my shot.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Tonight, showdowns with both children.

The menu was lasagna roll-ups. Sam, of course, doesn't like red sauce. So I've never really offered this to them. I ran out of pepperoni, which was fine since I wasn't sure they wanted to eat that anyway. So I made them one without pepperoni.

Initially, Sam loved it and was eating it. Kate was eating, too, then got a little silly. Then started playing and fooling around. Then she started running around the table.

Sam suddenly was struck with a debilitating headache. He couldn't eat. Kate continued to fool around. We gave Sam the choice to eat or go to his room. Oh, but the head. So, some Tylenol.

We told Kate it was eat or bed and she clearly thought we were kidding. Craig took her up to her room and about 3 minutes later she appeared, much calmer, and ate her supper.

Sam was able to soldier on and finish. They both got the gingerbread men cookies they'd been promised. Kate played with hers but didn't eat it (which is fine, really); Sam at most of his.

Kate went over to a friend's house today and "made cookies." I think mostly the little girls decorated or played. We brought some home and literally, they're awful. One of the other moms mixed them up before the kids got there, so it's not like we can blame the littles. I wanted Craig to taste them just so he could know how bad they were, but he said he'd take my word for it. It's not as if it's a kind I don't like, they are just genuinely awful.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kids' Choice

Last night I yakked too much with Liz (who finally was over here to show me how to do that) and didn't make supper. So, we got Amigos take out and let the children have kids' choice. It's their favorite. Pretty much it means life as it used to be before they had to eat what we eat. Sam chose cereal and Kate chose mac 'n' cheese. I had a lovely taquito and Craig had whatever he had. I didn't have to cook it and he enjoyed it so it was a good night all around.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He likes it!

Sunday night we had "creamy parmesan shrimp," which prompted Sam to declare, "I like shrimp!"

Oh, really? I had no idea. Not just because for awhile lobster was the only "meat" he would eat, but oh, maybe because, well, he's never eaten shrimp before?

He did eat it. Quickly, without reminders to 'keep eating.' He even asked for MORE. We think that that was quite possibly the first time he's ever asked for more.

Tonight, when told we were having "oriental chicken," he said, "I don't like chicken."

Lord, give me strength!

He claimed to like the food, just not the carrots. Then broccoli dropped from the list. Finally we had to just tell him to eat 4 bites of chicken. This is really a huge improvement from where we were, having him eat it and declare it good (for awhile), even if some nights we do keep having to say "eat, take bites, (insert neutral reminder statement here)." There may be some minor fussing, but even that has subsided.

I had him to the pediatrician for his check up and he'd gained almost a pound and a half in the last month . . . well, the last time we were there, he had been puking so it's not that accurate of a measure; but the point is, he's always been a little dude but I'm hoping (and taking this as encouragement) that he'll gain weight.

Kate, on the other hand, ate . . . noodles. With the sauce (soy, garlic, ginger) . . . but declared the chicken was 'yukky,' even with extra sauce. Her favorite lately is cereal (dry) in a bag. At least she hasn't asked for that at dinner yet.

Monday, December 14, 2009

NMM, part 2

I did not just have a cup of hot chocolate and biscotti as if I were a woman of leisure.

I did not forget to post this picture in part 1:

because this is not what my table looked like last night while making the gingerbread house (for the record I don't like a clean house with things put away and I don't tell my children "no mess. Making mess is naughty," in a slightly exasperated voice as if the clipped caveman sentence structure will convince them).

Now, if you haven't already, write your own and head over to MckMama to join in the fun.

(Oh, and I'm not counting the hours until Liz gets here on Wednesday and I can wrap up [no pun intended] the Christmas shopping.)

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to my newest non-happenings. I was just over at MckMama's (who started this) and she doesn't have a not me today, but there's still lots of links there for others. And she's always a good read.

I did not allow my son to stay up late last night and do this:

Or this:

I didn't make the gingerbread from scratch. Or the icing. I wasn't pleasantly surprised that it turned out so well.

Or, I was surprised that it didn't turn out well. How would I word that?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food & Feeding Philosophy

Sam has always been a small kid. The highest percentile he ever reached was maybe the 30th, when he was a few months old. He's usually in the 5th to 10th (and I know there's no "perfect" percentile) and for a long time we were willing to let him eat what he wanted to because hey, he was eating, wasn't he? And there's so many issues wrapped up with food. We don't want them to clean the plate, but to stop eating when they're hungry. We don't want them to turn to food for comfort, but they do stop whining when we feed them what they're asking for . . . etc.

I realize that the whining should be dealt with as a discipline issue, but I leave most of that out of these postings because it's boring and personal. It is an absolutely endless job, teaching and training children. I have to constantly turn to Christ for strength, patience, and wisdom.

I also don't agree with the idea of offering the child the same plate of food for 5 days until he/she eats it. I think that's unsanitary and gross. We, the parents, don't eat leftovers that are more than 3 days old and certainly not ones that have been heated, chilled, reheated, rechilled, reheated, rechilled . . . you get the idea. That would just be the recipe for major bacteria growth and foodborne illness, if you ask me. We do tell them, "this is what's for supper and there's no more food until morning," or something along those lines. Or, "this is going in the fridge and if you're hungry before bed, you can have this." But that's as far as it goes.

The whining, actually, permeates all areas of our lives . . . they push, we try to hold the line, they push harder . . . we hold the line. or cave. or compromise. As consistently as we can.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Salmon Loaf?

When he was tiny (we're talking 18 months here), Sam would eat the salmon loaf that I made from my dad's (yes, my dad's) recipe. It's really fantastic stuff. Bake up a potato with it, maybe make some veggies (if the mood and energy are right), and enjoy!

Of course, I haven't even offered it to him since the Great Cereal Jag of 2006. Tonight, I asked if he wanted to help me clean the (canned; we tried fresh and it just wasn't the same, although ordinarily we like our seafood fresh) salmon . . . and he did! Then I thought, he's going to touch this slimy stuff and be grossed out and not eat it. He thought it was slimy but was also into it; he got the skin off and was fascinated about the spine bones (um, would that be vertebrae?).

AND . . . drum roll please . . . he ate it. He declared it was good and delicious and ate all that was on his plate.

Kate ate two bites of potato and said she was finished. We reminded her there was ice cream cake (from Sam's party on Friday) if she ate so she let me feed her the salmon loaf. Not the potato.

I really don't like the feeding her thing (is she being a prima donna? should I insist she feed herself? sometimes she just doesn't eat if I'm not forking it into her mouth). But I do it.

Oh. I have to tell you about the one boy at Sam's party. I thought my children were picky . . .

Well, it wasn't me . . .

Liz ( suggested I join in on Not Me Mondays (started by MckMama ( and she also said she'd show me how to do that fancy trick where you say "If you want to catch up with MckMama, click here" and the word here is a different color and it's the link and you look all tech-savvy and all. I haven't seen her in WEEKS so I'm still copying and pasting links . . . I feel like such a dork.

Or rather, I don't feel like a dork. Not today. I don't do that.

For starters, I didn't start playing around with the background and header on my blog and get frustrated and give up and leave it plain for the last week or so.

I didn't look at my daughter as we're leaving for church and think "she needs something else," go to my scrap table for ribbon, and embellish her. And I didn't think this was such a good idea I've done it twice.

I didn't dress her like this yesterday

because she's just too darn cute and I have fun dressing her up for church. Or Target. Or where ever. [The shirt, sweater, and skirt were all hand-me-downs from my wonderful, stylish, and humble (you had to be there) friend Katey, who in some ways my KateyB is named after. But that's not what this is about.]

I didn't offer my husband glue dots (again from the scrap table) to fix something in his car.

And speaking of him, my husband did not say "that's awesome" when I revealed my craft-bin sorted legos. I didn't actually plan to show it to him, but he was asking for some wheel wells (they have their own compartment).

And I DID NOT prepare this post last night in anticipation of posting as early as possible today . . .

(I'm just going to go ahead and post this now and link up to MckMama later).

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sam ate, without the slightest complaint, a chicken and broccoli calzone (that he assembled)tonight. Could it be that he's getting it? That he has to eat whether he whines or not? or maybe, as Craig and I discussed . . . he's starting to like a variety of foods?

Is the blog done?

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It was just a little fishy . . .

My children were wonderful on Thanksgiving. While waiting for the food, we went around in a circle saying what we were thankful for. As people came to they table, they added what they were thankful for. One of Sam's was "that we are all together this year" (awww . . .) while Kate opened with "food," followed by "cups," then "chairs," and she finished up with "Auntie Reb" (my sister).

Kate was a huge fan of the jellied cranberry sauce. Sam tried some sweet potato fluff but politely declined to eat with "no, thank you." Just taking a bite is big for him! I think he also might have tried the green bean casserole. They both sat so quietly and calmly to eat . . . it was amazing.

I am thankful for my sweet, sweet babies (who are getting bigger by the day).

Monday night I made fish (which was actually a day-long process of trying to think of something that didn't involve chicken [and certainly not turkey], ground beef, or tomato sauce [everything easy I thought of seemed to involve one or more of those things]) and SAM ATE IT. He even declared it "good" and did not need constant reminders to eat. Kate, not so much. I'm still in amazement. Do I DARE say that I (sort of? almost? don't want to fully think it so I'm not jinxing it?) think that maybe something is getting through? That some of the effort we've put in to telling him that what we're serving is what he's going to eat?

Maybe he just thought the fish was good.

My husband was out tonight so I gave them pizza (and vitamins! I have some standards!), which was consumed with no complaints.