Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A tablespoon is being generous

Taco night. Craig's favorite night. Kate likes them because they have "salad" (lettuce) on them but Sam can't figure out what it is about them he doesn't like. The spiciness? The cheese? The fact that it's food?

So rather than have (another) massive showdown, we tell Sam Skippyjon Jones stopped by and left poquito tacitos for him to eat (this would be unseasoned meat scooped into those little bowl-shaped tortilla chips with cheese on top). He thinks this is funny. And for the most part eats them, with only moderate encouragement from us. And a reduction in consumption expectations from 5 to 3.

Kate sort of eats hers, eats some handfuls of lettuce, and tries to leave. I end up (I know, I know, she's three. Why am I doing this?) feeding her.

The big news of the night being, with no drama and little fuss, both of them consumed meat. Protein. I said to Craig, "they both had about three tablespoons of meat." To which he replied "a tablespoon is being generous." And he's usually the optimistic one.

Whine rating: 2


  1. HA! Man, food is a battle in your house...something that NO NONE should EVER have a battle over!

  2. You know that Buster is serious about tacos...must be a Californian thing. He deep fries his corn tortillas, and the only sauce acceptable to him is La Victoria's Hot Sauce, something that I can never find. However, interestingly enough is is adamantly opposed to taco seasoning in his meat. He puts salt and pepper on his beef and sometimes adds a can of kidney bean. I cannot stand the deep fried corn tortillas, although I seem to be the only human on the planet that dislikes them (such a bad wife, I know), so I end up making a taco salad or buying flour tortillas. There are times that we have had tacos three times a week because Buster wants them. He's a maniac about it!