Monday, November 16, 2009


Big showdown tonight over steak tips. I made the mistake of telling him he could choose plain noodles or the "butter and herb" noodles and then I expanded that to chicken nuggets or the steak. He was immobilized by the choice.

He is not sitting at the table with a plate of maybe 1 tbsp of meat on it that he is refusing to eat. I am blogging this blow by blow because . . . well, I don't really have anywhere to go since I want to stay close and encourage him along.

Kate ate the steak (which by the way is from the butcher, premarinated, and is really good) by the fistful and even at one point directly off the plate. We try to pick our battles. When I said, "Kate, use your fork," and handed it to her, she told me it didn't work.

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