Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

Every once in awhile I check out McMama's blog so thought I'd join in for a Not Me Monday. You can read what she didn't do here. Oh wait, I can't figure out at all how to do that. Try this:

I was not the one who gave her 3-yr-old a bag of cry cereal to eat while she didn't sit with me in bed and watch TV while I did not doze . . . or later, when I did not find crumbs in the bed, get the lint roller to clean them up. And then, I didn't proceed to use the lint roller on other surfaces in the room to dust.

I didn't stay up to midnight to watch Alton Brown make gravy after having a migraine all day and sleeping from 5PM- 9PM while my husband (hereafter referred to at Captain Terrific) fed the children dinner and put them to bed.

I was not the one who protested when my daughter wanted to clean up the My Little Ponies because I hadn't finished combing all of the ponies' hair. For that matter, I wasn't the one who collected clips and elastics for the sole purpose of styling said ponies' hair.


  1. I'll show you how to do it next time I'm over!

    "cry" cereal, huh? :)

    Must be the OCD in you with the ponies' hair!

  2. So I feel like this has been an epic fail . . . I spelled MckMama wrong and didn't notice the 'cry' cereal . . . I fell prey to trusting the spell check.