Sunday, November 29, 2009


She's my daughter. Everyone from total strangers to my mother say she looks exactly like me (their precise words, all of them, except my mother, who wouldn't know Austin Powers if she tripped over him, are "she's a mini-you").

She eats the icing off her cake first. I mean, only. Forget the cake.

Anyway, I gave her this chocolate chip granola bar from her Halloween stash. She was fairly excited (I mean, it's not like I gave her Skittles or anything. She wasn't that excited). Later, I came over the clean off the table and found this:

Well, not that exactly. I did set up the wrapper to give you an idea of what it was I actually gave her. She picked out all of the chocolate chips, ate them, and left the rest. I don't think I would have done that exactly, but have been known to eat my favorite parts of things and leave the rest.

Yep, a Mini-me.

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  1. Love it!! :)

    I had some crazy dream last night that I was watching Kate for the day and I was feeding her waffles in her sleep because I forgot to feed her...WEIRD!