Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ham is an acceptable meat. Chicken, not. Right now there's a Ham Pot Pie with Potato Gratin Crust in the oven. I fully expect Sam to eat it. Or not.

That's the beauty of my children: completely unpredictable.

The last few nights have actually been better. We tell them they have to eat what's in front of them (enormously novel concept in this house; cross-reference Sam's cereal phase) and that's it. They seem to be slowly absorbing this. Last night, Sam ate steak (collective gasp from those who know him. He's never eaten steak). It took some coaxing due to his protestations that it was 'spicy' but he ate it. We also encourage him to take drinks in between bites, as he often holds the offensive food in his mouth while complaining about it.

He did bounce into the kitchen earlier and snatch a snickerdoodle. Not complaints there.

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