Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another day, another sickie

So, Sam threw up before supper was even out of the oven last night, thus eliminating the need to whine about dinner. Kate ate some without much comment.

Today, Sam was fine. We're pretty sure he had a migraine last night and that's why he yakked.

Kate was fine when she woke up but wilted quickly. She had a slight fever and slept for awhile. Then she woke up, changed her pants (for no real reason, she just does this), came downstairs, and proceeded to throw up all over herself and some on the sofa. She wanted a new shirt but she needed to go in the tub. Then she perked up, painted, played N64 with Sam, and ate with no problems.

Go figure.

We were supposed to have missionaries over for supper but I canceled when Kate's fever started. Sam was disappointed they weren't coming, something I found very cute. Now there's lots and lots of ziti and spaghetti sauce, since we were supposed to be 10 for dinner tonight.

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