Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes, I would like some cheese with that whine.

Lately, most of the whining around here has been done by me re: my ipod that I had to "reset" to factory settings and now am reloading all the music.

Last night Kate gobbled down the "country steak with gravy" (or whatever it was called) and then asked for more. Sam ate several bites with minimal coaxing then said it was making his mouth hot. Which it does.

Whine rating: 3

Tonight, we employed the old technique of feeding the children what they like, putting Kate to bed and having Sam play in his room, and eating our maple-teriyaki salmon and rice pilaf in peace.

Whine rating: 7, but mostly having to do with bedtime.

My usual goal in regards to the kitchen is to get it cleaned up so I can go scrap. Here are some recent completions:

This I whipped up pretty quickly tonight - obviously, 8x10s take up most of the page. This is Sam's school pic from last year and the story of how the first one got burnt and I had to get a second one. Also how he didn't know any names of the kids in his class other than the boys he played with, something that still cracks me up.

This shot is from The Picture People. The half circle is hand-stitched - my first time trying that.

And a layout from Kate's third birthday.

Just remembered! Have a pie crust to make.

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