Monday, October 26, 2009

Jell-O doesn't go in the freezer

All was going well with dinner prep until Sam came into the kitchen and said he was hungry. I guess he thought I would hand over some candy. Instead, I had the great idea to offer him an appetizer (I can't send him away if he says he's hungry, even if suppertime is 10 minutes and counting), the selections being healthy things that could be part of dinner anyway. This caused a meltdown triggered by the thought that he might eat too much at dinner and be too full for candy afterwards. When I explained that sometimes I wait awhile after eating to have my dessert, it got worse. Then Kate appeared, asking for candy. I suggested they go to the dining room and wait for their waitress.

They get a big kick out of it when I pretend it's a restaurant and I'm the waitress. I brought out their appetizer on a tray.

For awhile, "noo-noos with butter" ("noo-noos" being "noodles") was the fall back dinner for the kiddos, something we were sure they'd eat no matter what we were having. For a long time now, it's only been an option if we are having noodles with our meal, such as pasta with meat sauce (the house special). Sam has always disliked red sauce so we figured, why force it?

Tonight's offering was Pesto Chicken with Penne. So they got noo-noos with butter, some chicken with no pesto, and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese (they like to sprinkle it themselves). Kate, with much encouragement, cleared her plate. Apparently the chicken was too hard for Sam to chew, but he managed to choke down his noodles. Then he chose Skittles. Chicken is too hard to chew, but apparently Skittles are not.

And the jell-o? Kate wanted it when she saw it at the grocery store and then talked about it all day. I didn't make it until after 4 so got the great idea to put it in the freezer while we ate. It was in just a wee bit too long . . . had ice crystals on the top and the edges were a little, um, crusty. She ate part of it anyway.

Whine rating: 2

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